Innovate With Augmented Reality

 AR connects users across digital and physical worlds. With Checkitout, you can change more than just products, operations and services—you’ll transform your business.

After download scroll down and follow the instruction on how to use the app.
When you Click the Web AR Button scroll down and look for the Web AR Image Target.

Innovate your sales and marketing with augmented reality

AR has become a game-changer for marketing and selling consumer goods and industrial products, with companies seeing rapid returns on these AR investments.

A more powerful way to engage
Leading global companies use Checkitout to deliver engaging, cutting-edge AR experiences that bring people closer to brands and products.

Why You Should be Using AR for Sales & Marketing

Augmented reality offers business value across a wide range of use cases—so why should you consider sales & marketing first? From reducing costs and accelerating pipeline, to unlocking new revenue streams, these applications offer complementary benefits.
They’re also easily implemented, meaning you can make a near-immediate impact on revenue.

With Checkitout we can provide customers with [virtual] products that have yet to be manufactured without having to send a unit to location but still have to scale examples that you can walk around and see the information. 


How To Use

When you start the APP

Click the download content.Read more..

Choose your content

Look for the content that you
want to download.Read more..

When download is done

Click the show content.Read more..

Enjoy the AR content

Click the content and enter the AR view look for the image traget and enjoy. Read more..


Checkitout WebAR
Image Target 

!! Tracking the marker directly from the monitor could create instability issues, Left Click to save image and print it to play the game horizontally !!


Image Target 

When you download the App look for the checkitout content

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